Stand-Up Comics!

Bit of a change this time. I’m going to spend this entry talking about a show other than ours! 

Last night I went to see the dress rehearsal for The Sigil Club’s new play (also being produced as part of the Camden Fringe), Stand-Up Comics. 

It was great! It’s a sitcom play about a comic book shop, and it’s a nerdy paradise!

It has all the things I’ve come to expect from an Eckett play – quicksilver dialogue, loads of nerdy references, sharp witticisms and meta-jokes. It differs from previous offerings mainly in that it isn’t dealing with metaphysical themes – this one is purely set in the real world (or at least as close an approximation of it as these characters manage to inhabit!).

It does what all good sitcoms should do, and manages to place strong characters at its heart, each of whom are given their fair share of the jokes so everyone very much gets chance to earn their place. The performances are awesome, too! Michael Eckett (who also wrote and directed it) and Kris Wood work really well as the central duo, managing to convey a convincing long-term friendship and clearly having a brilliant time bouncing off each other. Ellie Ross is great too – she brings a really naturalistic, rather gentle tone to her character which counterpoints nicely with the more energetic performances of the other two. Daniel Farley plays his role (gravedigger-come-courier) with gusto and glee, and Sandy Jarvis and Amy Quick bring some really nice, sharp characterisation to their roles.

I think you should see it! It’s really good! And really, I don’t know anyone else who is producing scripts that are anything like Michael Eckett’s at the moment.

Stand-Up Comics
The Roundhouse Studio Theatre
8th and 9th August 2011
As part of the Camden Fringe Festival
The Sigil Club homepage
You can get tickets here.
Oh, and while you’re there, you could get tickets for The Echo, too, which opens on Monday. :-)


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