Machine of Death Monologues
The Machine of Death can tell you how you will die.
Unfortunately, it won’t tell you when, and it won’t tell you the circumstances.  No.  You stick your finger in the Machine, it takes a blood sample, and spits out a cheap piece of paper with a couple of words on it.  “CAR CRASH,” maybe, or “DROWNING.”
Also unfortunate is that the Machine likes a joke as much as the next droid.  It might tell you you’ll die of “FRIENDSHIP” or “NEW SHOES.”  And if it tells you you’ll die of “WATER,” it could mean anything from drowning to being hit on the head by a bottle of Evian.
The Machine of Death Monologues is a series of eight filmed monologues telling eight very different stories.  We really hope you like them!

The Monologues are the result of six months’ work from 58 of the most talented, good-natured people around.  They have volunteered ridiculous amounts of their time and skills in order to make this series the best it can be, surrendering uncomplainingly to getting up at 6am on winter weekends, moving out of their homes for days so we can film there, and juggling endless re-writes, re-thinks and re-edits.  It has been a total privilege to work with all of them.

Thanks, everyone.  Naturally, none of this would have been possible without you.

- Grace Knight, Series Producer

Full Credits List (in alphabetical order):

Daniel Abelson
Daniel Alonso
Steffan Alun
Janis Andrejevs
Clive Arnold
John Babb
Alison Banham
Elanor Bateman
Richard Brown
Adrian Bavister
Holly Bembridge
Jayde Bradley
Andy Brook
Jamie Burr
Alex Buxton
John Carberry
Kenny Clark
Nicol J Craig
Peter Dangerfield
Claire Dixon
Steven Dorrington
Michael Eckett
Jo Gough
Henry Hamilton
Zameer Hassam
Naomi Hatton
Matt Holmes
Jane Hurley
Sam Hutchinson
Pawel Jaskulski
Thomas Jones
Anthony Leung
Louise Lingwood
Zohra Lopez
Nicola Matthews
Daniel Monro
James Morris
Nicole Northridge
Ben Nosko
Jonathan Oliver
Jackie O’Sullivan
Aisling Pawlak
Jonathan Peck
Rob Platt
Dan Poulton
Jeanette Rourke
Richard Sale
Raúl Sevilla
Douglas Shaw
Luke Shrewsbury
Roberto de Spirito
Emma Teck
Debra Torrington
Danielle Trigg
Jason Turner
Michael Warren
Annalie Wilson
Chen Wissotzy

Orpheos Productions is using the Machine of Death concept with the kind permission of Ryan North, who invented it, and Matthew Bennardo and David Malki !, who co-edited the original book.

You can check out their website here: It’s awesome.  They have links to their anthology of short stories (we’ve read it – it’s brilliant!), cool stuff about the concept, and they’ve also started releasing podcasts of the stories.  Happy days!

You can also check out Dinosaur Comics, which started this whole macabre ball rolling, here: and the first reference to the concept here:

We are really grateful to them all for letting us make films about their idea, and for being sweet enough to be enthusiastic about it to boot!  Thanks, chaps! :-)

I’m really impressed by these – great writing, great acting, great production values, great fun. Nicely done, everyone!

- Ryan North
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“The Machine of Death Monologues” manage to be all things… – moving, terrifying, life-affirming and haunting – and, as such, again break free of convention by offering near infinite variety and purpose in its delivery.”

- Brett Gerry Films
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“In short, would I recommend this? Yes. Does it entertain? Yes. Go check it out.”

- Natasha Bennett
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…these episodes are very well produced. The lighting and cinematography are professional, the acting is strong, the sound is solid and the editing is crisp.

- Frugal Filmmaker
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“From a production-side, these shorts are amazing. Tightly shot, very well-framed and visually, they look like something which could easily be shown on television.”

- The Infinite Abyss
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The steely blue pallet represents the futuristic prison that the character inhabits, enhances the personal apocalypse theme, and lends the film a heavy atmosphere of depressing isolation and claustrophobic dread.

- The Official Verdict on Everything
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Dinosaur Comics
Place Finger In Hole

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Subject Name : sarah
2011-05-28 19:43:10


Feedback : great job! i quite liked it. looking forward to the next episodes.

Subject Name : alice.
2011-05-29 12:10:04


Feedback : Brilliant. Hanging out for the next one.

Subject Name : andy
2011-05-29 13:48:03

Death : new shoes and multiplication, both of which i love (i've used different computers)

Feedback : great. really good. funny bits, interesting bits, sad bits, subtle script, good acting, good direction. really impressed with the end product chaps

Subject Name : Mark
2011-05-29 18:41:15

Death : Immortality

Feedback : Awesome first episode! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest.

Subject Name : Bundy
2011-05-30 11:15:37

Death : overindulgence of sweetcorn

Feedback : Excellent stuff!

Subject Name : Denis Tweedy
2011-06-14 12:51:06

Death : Dignitas clinic swimming in a cocktail of gently lethal poisons.

Feedback : Nicely paced and well acted.

Subject Name : Luke
2011-07-12 03:28:06

Death : Licking the Wrong Ice Cream

Feedback : Beautiful.

Subject Name : CalcDave
2011-07-14 15:13:57

Death : Human Millipede

Feedback : The "video to grandad" conceit seems a stretch. The story is nice/interesting, but I don't know many people who make videos for their grandads talking about current culture and their own dating life. A video diary or even some youtube-type-channel would make more sense.

Subject Name : The Machine of Death Monologues
2013-02-23 18:03:03


Feedback : [...] must watch this Bank Holiday is the first episode in Orpheos Productions exciting The Machine of Death Monologue project. The Machine of Death, after a sample of your blood, will tell you the cause of your death, but not [...]

No comments found.

Subject Name : Laurean
2011-06-04 11:11:13

Death : a mobility scooter accident

Feedback : I am really enjoying these. Episode 3 was Well written & performed. Bravo Danielle :o) x

Subject Name : Paul
2011-06-10 15:59:16

Death : Avoiding Cracks in the Pavement

Feedback : These are very well made. I like how it covers so many aspects of how a machine that tells how you will die would effect the world around us.

Subject Name : Crystal Ball
2011-06-28 23:10:53


Feedback : I really liked this - I have watched three now - really quite spooky and beautifully acted

No comments found.

Subject Name : Prescillia
2011-06-11 12:34:45

Death : cancer

Feedback : Very well written, directed, and the actor was fantastic. Nice work! -Prescillia

Subject Name : Lowri
2011-06-11 15:20:37

Death : Rocking

Feedback : Ah, brilliant! :)

Subject Name : Kyle
2011-06-12 21:08:54

Death : Broken Heart

Feedback : Simply stunning. The acting is sublime, really elevates the already fantastic writing to new heights.

Subject Name : alice Sherrell
2011-06-19 13:43:33


Feedback : Labels is now my new favourite MoD Monologue. Brilliant.

Subject Name : ben
2011-06-19 12:05:43


Feedback : Very good!

Subject Name : Deb
2011-06-19 19:03:57

Death : Mocking a pig...

Feedback : I like this a lot - very touching and very funny - especially the Ovaltine bit!

Subject Name : Matt
2011-07-17 17:14:15

Death : Prozac Alcohol Bicycle

Feedback : Lily and Me is an exemplary short film, with excellently paced writing with just the right number of pauses and scenes in just the right places. The directing seems to make the most of the writing and brilliant acting; clearly this actor will go far if he gets a break. It's funny, and perceptive.

No comments found.